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Old Powerpoint Games

Outdated, broken, and old. These Powerpoint games are awful and you should not play them. However, they were an important part of my childhood. I wanted to make games and a lack of skill sure wouldn't stop me!
Please don't play these, go to instead if you want good PPT games.


Maths Games

An education set of math quizes

disguised as fun mazes. Use your

mouse to navigate around the levels and answer 'engaging'

mathematical questions.



An (unfinished) set of minigames. Tons of variety, and also tons of frustration as the games here are broken beyond belief. It was a blast to create!


Text RPG

My first powerpoint game. Inspired by a flash game of the same name. Use your mouse and click to advance the story. A lot of poorly written text to enjoy.


Pet Builder

A powerpoint masterpiece, this should have received an award. Build your own awesome pet. Lots of drama unfolds in this epic unfinished adventure.

More to come soon...

Just need to find the time to upload my better projects ;)

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