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Dream Cloud- 2D Platformer Videogame

Dream strike is whimsical and abstract videogame where a goofy main character explores dream like environments. This is an indie project that is not affiliated with any company. From the conception of the project on January 2018 I took on all visual aspects of the game. From concept art, to 2D animation. We aim to provide a familiar yet genre pushing experience, and hope to finish the game in the next few years.

Project information

Genre - 2D Action Adventure Platformer Engine - Unity3D Timing - January 2018 - Current

Credits to - Huseyin Geyik (Programmer and game developer)


- Art direction

- Concept artist

- 2D animation

- 2D art asset creation

- Marketing illustration and graphic design

Early pre-production sketches

First level mood sketches

First level mockup illustrations and environment concepts

The process of creating the visual style of the game and narrowing the mood we want to convey was a long one. I enjoyed the process very much and learned a mindblowing amount from this.

We began with sketches of the characters and enemies before moving onto the environment as the world its self is formed from the dreams of the main character. It's a method that's not usual, but worked well for this game.

UI element mockups

Main character concepts

Rough character animation

After creating the environment and mood concepts a decision was made to produce a prototype mockup of the game. We would present this at various upcoming events in order to gain real world user data of our progress.

At this early stage it is usually not a good use of time to produce near finished assets for the game, but these events were also a marketing opportunity. Using the early concepts and sketches as references I began to create assets for the prototype. This involved a lot of cross checking with our game developer to know the limitations of our tools, but we eventually had a quick and dirty prototype to show.

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