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Kick Your Head In - Comic

Kick Your Head In is a set of 4 weird comics; full of dark humour, immature imagery, and mindbending moments. It was inspired by a variety of small indie UK comics (such as ones by Sajan Rai). Legends say: By page 4 you shut the book in horror, or achieve metamorphosis and keep reading! The project began long ago as an odd gift to one of my friends. A small notepad full of

drawings. The first story of my comic is based on a series of drawings from that ancient notepad. In a way, this comic is a remake.

This comic has been a big turning point for me as an artist, not only being a launching pad for me to develop my skills.

But also for me to find my purpose. Seeing people read, enjoy, and laugh has helped me realise what art is really all about :) If I can have a positive effect on people then that's perfect for me!

Project information

Genre - Comedy/existential horror

Length- 31 Pages

Availability- Online store, Comic conventions Timing - September 2016 (colouring October 2019)

Early Sketches and notes

Sample of finished pages

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